Agricultural Land Clearing

Forest to Farmland Clearing and Maintenance

Working with MeriCrusher is the most efficient method of clearing and preparing new agricultural fields, and maintaining existing fields. 

Begin the process by harvesting any large or valuable trees and large boulders. It is not necessary to remove the remaining stumps and organic material. The MeriCrusher is used to mulch and crush the remaining material and incorporate it into the soil.  

Designed for pto or hydraulic carriers, MeriCrusher models are available in working widths of approximately 4.5 to 12 feet, with maximum working depths of 8 to 16 inches. Depending on the model and application, minimum hp requirements may be as low as 65 to a maximum of nearly 800.

A cost-effective method of removing brush and trees from overgrown fields, meadows and pastures.

Mulchers from other manufacturers are often designed to work above ground only. Their high speed, low torque designs simply do not allow subsurface work.  

MeriCrusher is designed from the ground up, to work above and below ground. Our low rotor speed, high torque designs are simply different: and Different for a Reason.

With working depths to 16″, and working as a subsoiler or rotovator, MeriCrusher is able to effectively and efficiently work above and below ground to clear and incorporate existing organic material.  

Organic matter significantly improves the soil’s capacity to store and supply water, and essential nutrients to crops, and is critical to overall soil structure. It allows the soil to cope with changes in soil acidity, and helps soil minerals decompose faster.