Versatile, durable machines for all your forestry projects

When clearing or maintaining forested land, large mulchers get the job done quickly and effectively. Unlike traditional methods, where a separate step is required to remove all the extra soils and stumps, mulchers reduce the debris and return the organic matter back into the field. Crushing Mechanics provides a wide variety of machines for all stages of forest clearing:

  • Crushing of slash
  • Preparing soil for planting
  • Maintaining forest roads
  • Clearing vegetation and undergrowth

Crushing Mechanic’s machines and attachments, from top-of-the-line companies like MeriCrusher are capable of working deep in the subsoil, yet flexible enough to provide finer crushing if needed. From heavy soil to dense vegetation, our mulchers do their best work even in extreme or abrasive environments.

When you need to do a tough job right, we’ve got the machines that make it look easy.