Why Choose MeriCrusher?


Low operating costs

  • 20-40% Lower fuel consumption
  • Longer cutter life
  • Reasonably priced caride cutters
  • Lower power demand
  • Multiple cutter options available

MeriCrusher mulcher rotovators offer low operating costs. Owing to their light weight, our mulchers can be powered by smaller and more affordable tractors. Our mulchers also use standard conical carbide cutters that cost a fraction of the price of custom made cutters. Due to the low cutting speed of our rotors, the cutters also last much longer compared to high speed mulchers. The rotor cutting speed of MeriCrusher is 20-30% lower than competing machines. The rate of wear of the cutters and surrounding components multiplies rapidly when the cutting speed increases. Due to the the low cutting speed and high torque the fuel consumption of the tractor is significantly lower, in best cases 40%  lower than competing machines. In MeriCrusher rotors it is possible to use different types of cutters at the same time in the same rotor.

Deeper subsoiling with low speed and high torque rotor

  • Deeper into the ground 20 – 40cm
  • 20-30% Higher torque
  • No need for rotor balancing
  • Safer to work near buildings
  • Eliminates the undergrowth roots, stumps etc.

MeriCrusher mulcher rotovators reach depths of 20 – 40 centimeters below the surface. Even our smallest models provide deep subsoiling, which eliminates roots when land clearing. High speed above cround mulchers by other manufacturers simply spread the soil and wood chips on top of the underlying roots, allowing the undergrowth to grow back rapidly.

MeriCrusher mulchers are designed from the outset to work beneath the surface. The biggest difference between our mulchers and those of other manufacturers is the rotor cutting speed and torque. MeriCrusher rotors spin relatively slow with high torque, which enables them to work effectively deep below the surface even when powered by small tractors and in stony soil. In MeriCrusher mulchers the cutting speed is 20-30% lower than competing machines. Torque is the most important feature when working below the ground. Low cutting speed and closed rotor chambers prevents the crushed material flying far, allowing safe work near buildings. Low cutting speed does not require balancing for the rotor, which is a great advantage in maintenance.

Patented sizing screen

  • Unique patented solution
  • Extremely fine crushing result
  • One machine for above and below the ground
  • More versatile for different tasks

MJS/G, MJHS and MJFS mulcher rotovators are available with an optional sizing screen that produces extremely fine mulch. The crushing and screening takes place automatically while mulching, eliminating the need for a second high speed mulcher. Instead, subsoiling and extremely fine mulch can be achieved with one machine. Screen makes the crusher more versatile. All the organic material is forced to come out through the screen holes which makes the result very fine.

Reliable transmission solutions for wide power range from 50 to 768 horsepower

  • Unique Patented POC- safety clutch
  • Clutch solution which can withstand heat and high torques
  • Reliable gear transmission solutions up to 768hp
  • In house design and manufacturing
  • No need for oil coolers
  • Electric slip alarm

Our biggest model can handle up to 768 horsepower, compared to around 400 to 500 horsepower for other brands. This is made possible by using our own made side gears and patented POC safety clutches that are designed in-house. The main clutch components are the same as those used in automotive brake calipers, allowing them to withstand the heat from slipping without damage even after glowing red. A little slippage protects the mulcher and tractor transmission from peak loads that could otherwise damage the transmission and engine. Clutch is adjusted by pressure and clutch holds it`s torque and friction at all speeds even when the temperature raises. Clutch is very easy to adjust matching the tractors power. Thanks to lower rotating speed and large oil quantity our side gearboxes does not require any complicated oil circulating and cooling systems even when used with high horsepowers. POC- clutch can be equipped with optional electric slipalarm that indicates the operator when slipping occures, and makes the operating even more safe and easier.

Wide range of working widths up to 3.5 meters wide

  • Working widths from 1,2 to 3,5 meters
  • Wider than the tractor
  • Less driving times / hectare
  • Optimized width increases productivity
  • Less tire punctures

Wide range of working widths depending on the size of the tractor. Our widest 3,5 meter models are as wide as standard tractors with dual tires. At the same time, our 3.5-meter crusher weighs about the same as 2.5-meter mulchers by other manufacturers. In large projects a wider working width means fewer driving times / hectare.  Our own gears and safety clutches enable the power required by such a wide mulcher to be transmitted safely through the transmission.

Light weight and strong structure

  • Less weight, more productivity
  • Less stresses to tractor
  • Better access to wet and soft conditions
  • Safer to work in challenging terrain

MeriCrusher weigh significantly less than other similar-sized mulchers by other manufacturers. We have traditionally manufactured machines for use on wetlands, where light weight is essential.

Light weight is an advantage in just about all kind of works. A lighter mulcher can be operated using a lighter tractor, which saves costs. A lightweight mulcher attached to the rear linkage is also safer when working in challenging terrain. Light structure has taught us to engineer the machines so that the steel is put into the right place where it is most needed without compromising the strength and durability.

Ideal solutions for multiple applications

  • Mulchers for Forestry
  • Mulchers for Agriculture
  • Mulchers for Construction
  • Mulchers for road construction

MeriCrusher soil tillers, mulchers, road crushers – A perfect solution to various operations in the fields of forestry and agricultural as well as in construction.

Experiense from the history and reliability

  • 50 years of experience from demanding conditions
  • Plenty of knowledge how to build reliable machines
  • Plenty of knowledge how to built productive machines

We have more than 50 years experience of designing and building machines for demanding conditions for demanding customers. More than 30 years experince of designing and building of MeriCrushers.

From the day one our crushers have been working below the ground. Our roots come from the peat industry, which is very sensitive for the weather. There are not many production days a year, then the machines must operate 24/7. This has taught us the importance of sprare parts. They must be available from stock day and night all year round.

Even these days, we see videos of our machines in work which are more than 40 years old.




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