MeriCrusher MJFS PTO-driven Mulcher

Power range 280-750hp

Rotor diameter 800mm / 31″

Working depth 400mm / 16″

MeriCrusher MJFS forestry tiller and mulcher
for the most demanding land clearing projects

Designed and engineered to the highest of standards of Efficiency, Reliability and Durability, MeriCrusher MJFS PTO-driven mulchers works with large tractors up to 750hp. Equipped with the latest technology and advancements, subsoiling working depths up to 16″ (400mm) are achievable. Single or dual X-series gear transmission with modular design and engineering allow for upgrades and future component changes.


Typical working environments


  • Crushing of harvesting leftovers
  • Preparing of hauling lines
  • Soil preparing for planting
  • Maintenance of forest roads
  • Clearing of vegetation and undergrowth


  • Clearing of building sites
  • Crushing of stumps
  • Clearing of power lines
  • Right of way clearing
  • Clearing of firebreaks


  • Clearing of new farm land
    (forest to farm clearing)
  • Reclaiming soil for farming
  • Orchard clearing
  • Farm road maintenance


Mulchers for demanding projects, and demanding professionals

MeriCrusher MJFS attachments are designed for the most demanding land and forestry clearing projects and professionals. Using the latest concepts in engineering design, and only the best components, MJFS mulchers are ideal for tractors up to 750hp. Working in conditions where Reliability, Durability and a fine crushing result are required, the MJFS excells. The PowerFrame keeps PTO driveline angles to a minimum, improves Efficiency and Usefulness. Patented Suokone POC safety clutch protects the X-series gear transmission, and a massive 32″ rotor (800mm), brings material handling ability to a new level. With several rotor options, including a rotating screen for the finest of crushing results, the MeriCrusher MJFS will meet and exceed your expectations.

  • STB-rotor with Cost Effective conical carbide cutters for heavy soil and dense vegetation..
  • UNTH rotor with Cost Effective conical carbide cutter and extra durable, forged cutter holders for heavy soil and abrasive conditions.

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Photo Gallery


Mulcher for versatile use

PTO-driven mulcher and forestry tiller for versatile crushing, the MeriCrusher MJ is your first choice. Light, strong construction makes the MJ series ideal for a wide power range of tractors, to 150 hp. Working in conditions where light weight and durability are paramount, the MeriCrusher MJ gives excellent crushing results. Power is transmitted to the rotor through single or dual double chain drives and always protected by an over load clutch, of either friction disc, or patented POC (pressure operated safety clutch) type, designed by Suokone.

  • STD-rotor with Cost Effective conical carbide cutters for less abrasive, but demanding conditions.
  • STE-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutters. Available with conical or non rotating more cutting (eagle head) cutters. For abrasive and demanding conditions.
  • UNV4-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutter. Protecting front part of the holder works as a bite limiter, reducing the stresses of the cutters and making the rotors cutting more smoother. Available with conical or non rotating more cutting (eagle head) cutters. For abrasive and demanding conditions.