MeriCrusher MC5 -Hydraulic
Forestry Mulcher and Tiller

Rotor Diameter 500mm / 20″

Working Depth 250mm / 10″

MeriCrusher MC5 Hydraulic Mulcher for
Versatile Forestry and Land Clearing Work

The MeriCrusher MC5 hydraulic forestry tiller is built for versatile forestry and land clearing work. It can be used with a wide range of large scale compact, track and skid loaders. This MeriCrusher shows its versatility crushing forest residue, clearing land for site development, maintaining gravel roads, and removing stumps and roots to a maximum working depth of 10″ (250mm). The modular bolted design allows for easy attachment of accessories depending on the job that needs to be done, and makes future upgrades possible.

Typical working environments


  • Crushing of harvesting leftovers
  • Preparing of hauling lines
  • Soil preparing for planting
  • Maintenance of forest roads
  • Clearing of vegetation and undergrowth


  • Clearing of building sites
  • Crushing of stumps
  • Ice crushing
  • Clearing land before seeding and planting
  • Clearing of power lines
  • Clearing of firebreaks


  • Clearing of farm land
  • Reclaiming soil for farming
  • Orchard clearing
  • Farm road maintenance

MC5 - Mulcher for Large Compact Loaders (Direct Drive Hydraulic)

Versatile Forestry Mulcher & Forestry Tiller with Improved Features for Land Clearing

MC5 series MeriCrushers with direct drive hydraulic are designed for versatile mulching and tilling work. The hydraulic motor is directly connected to the rotor, which makes the construction simple and keeps the weight low. The direct drive ensures the optimal free cuting depth of 130mm (5”), which allows for easy access to the roots. MC5 is ideal for a large size compact, skid and tracked loaders up to 130 hp. Working in conditions where light weight and durability are paramount, the MeriCrusher MC5 hydraulic gives excellent crushing results from the UNT rotor equipped with cost effective carbide cutters. The combinatation of rotors high torque and low weight ensures the rotors minimal recovery time. Because of the low cuting speed it’s safe to work near buildings and traffic. The direct drive motor enables the rotating of the rotor to both directions.

  • UNT-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutters and extra durable, forged cutter holders for demanding conditions

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