Equipped with mechanical power take-off, the MT-700 is the most efficient crawler tractor on the market. The MT-700 is able to operate under conditions where conventional tractors lose power and traction. Thanks to adequate engine power, and a mechanical power take off, the MT-700 enables quicker, more efficient operation, at a lower cost per hectare.


MT-700 the most efficient mechanical power take-off (PTO) crawler tractor on the market. It is efficient, versatile and adaptable. MT-700 Is able to operate under extreme conditions where conventional tractors are no longer effective. MT-700 Is efficient, due to high engine power and the extreme duty mechanical power take-off, the tractor works faster with lower fuel consumption per hectare than any other method.

Powerful, large displacement diesel engine produces extreme torque through a wide range of engine rpm. High torque is the most important engine characteristic while crushing. The combination of power and massive torque allows the engine to operate at low rpm. When not pushed to its limit, the average fuel consumption is much lower without compromising efficiency and quality of work.

The Suokone manufactured PTO gearbox is designed for safe transmission of high torque. The integrated POC-clutch works as an overload/release clutch. The aptor system switches the PTO to neutral if the defined slippage percentage is exceeded. The POC-clutch protects the entire driveline, from tractor to crushing attachment.

Hydrostatic drive makes it possible to adjust driving speed steplessly from 0-18km/h

Standard air conditioned, ergonomic cab equipped with 180 degree rotating seat. Steering wheel and controls move with with the seat. Cab may be tilted down, lowering overall transport height for road transport.

Double acting, independantly controlled lift arms allow for crusher levelling during work. Tilting the attachment is useful when operating the crusher.


  • Enables the attachment of various tracks to the tractor, depending on purpose and conditions.
  • Steel tracks are most suitable for hard soil where extreme mechanical strength is needed.
  • Rubber tracks allow operating on roads at speeds up to 18km/hr (optional hydraulic suspension).
  • Optional double rubber tracks reduce ground pressure for extreme conditions.
  • Basic tracks have a transport width of less than 3.5 m.
  • Double tracks can be installed / removed in the field.
  • Rubber tracks are durable and maintenance free.

Large selection of Power Tools designed to work efficiently in extreme conditions under high power.

Watch the video on the demo tractor and contact us for more information.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


Mulcher for versatile use

PTO-driven mulcher and forestry tiller for versatile crushing, the MeriCrusher MJ is your first choice. Light, strong construction makes the MJ series ideal for a wide power range of tractors, to 150 hp. Working in conditions where light weight and durability are paramount, the MeriCrusher MJ gives excellent crushing results. Power is transmitted to the rotor through single or dual double chain drives and always protected by an over load clutch, of either friction disc, or patented POC (pressure operated safety clutch) type, designed by Suokone.

  • STD-rotor with Cost Effective conical carbide cutters for less abrasive, but demanding conditions.
  • STE-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutters. Available with conical or non rotating more cutting (eagle head) cutters. For abrasive and demanding conditions.
  • UNV4-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutter. Protecting front part of the holder works as a bite limiter, reducing the stresses of the cutters and making the rotors cutting more smoother. Available with conical or non rotating more cutting (eagle head) cutters. For abrasive and demanding conditions.


MT-700 & MJHS-311 DTX introduction video

MT-700 detailed introduction video

MT-700 / MJHS-311 DTX land clearing before planting of forest.

MT-700 / MJH-241 DTX steel tracks clearing dense vegetation

MT-700 / MJH-241 DTX steel tracks clearing dense vegetation

MT-700 / MJH-241 DTX steel tracks clearing power line in winter

MT-700 / MJH-241 DTX steel tracks harvesting left overs / big stumps

MT-700 / MJH-241 DTX steel tracks clearing new farm land / crushing stump windrows

MT-700 / MJH-351 DTX rubber tracks clearing land after harvesting

MT-700 / MJH-351 DTX rubber tracks clearing new farm land

MT-700 / MJH-351 DTX double rubber tracks clearing farm land / crushing of stumps

MT-700 modular tracks

MT-700 rubber tracks max. speed on the road

MT-700 rubber tracks pulling grader

MT-700 rubber tracks pulling scraper

MT-700 / MJH-351 DTX rubber tracks crushing of rock and gravel at a mine

MT-700 double rubber tracks working as a pulldozer and stock piling wood chips

MT-700 / MJH-241 DTX steel tracks clearing dense vegetation