MJH-0.8 DT Stumper

Working Depth 30cm / 12″

Power Range 75 – 150 hp 

Versatile Stumper and Furrow Tiller

MJH Stumper and Forestry Tiller
for Crushing Stumps and Furrow Tilling

Designed for small and medium size tractors up to 300hp, the MeriCrusher MJH-stumpers are engineered for robust stump crushing and creating planting furrows. Their standout features are efficiency and long-lasting durability. The MJH-0.8 DT model reaches a subsoil working depth of 12 inches (300mm) and is fitted with two sets of double row chain drives. In contrast, the MJH-1.2 series offers models with either single or dual G-series gear transmissions. The equipment’s modular design facilitates the selection of components to optimize operations and accommodates potential future enhancements.


Typical working environments

  • Soil preparing for planting
  • Planting furrow tilling
  • Clearing of vegetation and undergrowth
  • Crushing of stumps from forest and powerlines
  • Clearing of power lines
  • Orchard clearing

MJH-0.8 DT Stumper

Versatile Stumper and Planting Furrow Tiller

In challenging and tight work environments, the MeriCrusher MJH-0.8 DT series emerges as a prime choice. Tailored for tractors ranging from 70hp to 150hp, this equipment is a go-to solution when both reliability and a lightweight design are essential. Its transmission line is reliably protected by the patented Suokone POC safety clutch, and power is seamlessly transmitted to the rotor via dual-chain transmissions. The MJH-0.8 DT is compatible with smaller tractors up to 150hp while maintaining a balance of lightness and durability. Thanks to its modular design and engineering, this model allows for the optimal selection of components to enhance operation efficiency and facilitates potential future upgrades. Equipped with the UNTH rotor, which features cost-effective carbide cutters and extra-durable forged holders, the MJH-0.8 DT ensures superior crushing results. It is capable of working deep in the ground, up to 30cm, with a 16cm free-cutting depth, making it a versatile tool for a variety of soil conditions.

  • UNTH-rotor with Cost-effective carbide cutters and extra durable, forged cutter holders for demanding conditions.
  • Multiple cutter options are available

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